Quick Action, Quicker Relief: Sunita Krishnan’s Heroic Use of NearBy Help

In the quiet lanes of Coimbatore, Sunita Krishnan became an unexpected hero one sunny afternoon, thanks to her prompt use of the HelpyFinder app's NearBy Help module. The day was like any other until a sudden scream shattered the calm.
Sunita was at home when she heard distressing noises coming from her neighbor's house. Recognizing the urgency in those cries, she instinctively opened her HelpyFinder app and hit the SOS button. The alert didn’t just go to her phone; it notified several neighbors, quickly galvanizing the community into action.
Within minutes, a small group of neighbors gathered at Mr. Patel’s doorstep, where the cries had originated. As the group hesitated, unsure of the next steps, Sunita took charge. She knocked assertively, calling out for Mr. Patel. Getting no response and hearing more troubling sounds, she persuaded another neighbor to help her push open the door, which thankfully wasn’t locked.
Inside, they found Mr. Patel collapsed on the floor, seemingly having slipped and fallen in the kitchen. With no time to waste and understanding the severity of the situation, Sunita and two other neighbors carefully moved Mr. Patel into a safer position, ensuring he didn’t have any obstructions around him.
Sunita's quick thinking extended to using the resources at hand. She grabbed a cushion from the couch to support Mr. Patel’s head and used her basic first aid knowledge to check for any obvious injuries. She kept talking to him, trying to keep him conscious and calm until he could be further assisted.
The community’s rapid assembly and cooperative spirit, facilitated by the NearBy Help alert, showcased the power of connectedness in critical times. Once Mr. Patel was safely reassured and stabilized, the neighbors stayed with him, comforting him until his family returned.
Thanks to Sunita’s quick response using HelpyFinder and the collective quick actions of the neighborhood, Mr. Patel received the immediate care he needed. This incident not only saved him from further distress but also strengthened the neighborhood's bond and trust in each other’s capabilities during emergencies.
Reflecting on the event, Sunita shared, “Knowing that we have the ability to summon help at the tap of a button gives all of us a deep sense of security. HelpyFinder isn’t just an app; it’s our companion in ensuring each other’s safety.” This experience left a lasting impression on the community, highlighting how technology like HelpyFinder can be a lifeline, even in seemingly tranquil environments.