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8 Lifesaving Uses of the NearBy

The NearBy module of HelpyFinder is a versatile tool designed for various emergency and non-emergency situations. Here are ten scenarios demonstrating how it can serve as a lifeline for users.

Medical Emergencies: Quick alert, swift response.


Elderly Assistance: Instant help available.


Accidents: Immediate help requested.


Child Safety: Quick community alert.


Outdoor Safety: Distress signal sent.


Roadside Assistance: Notify nearby help.


Neighborhood Watch: Report suspicious activities.


Jogger Safety: Instant threat alert.


HelpyFinder in news!

Stay updated on how HelpyFinder is transforming the way emergencies are handled, ensuring faster and more efficient responses nationwide. Featured organizations include state emergency services and various NGOs.

The Millennium Post

"HelpyFinder is pioneering solutions for elderly safety, providing families peace of mind through real-time monitoring and quick emergency assistance. In partnership with senior care facilities and health organizations."

Navbharat Times

"HelpyFinder’s crucial involvement in recent disaster relief operations, facilitating effective communication and aid distribution in crisis-hit areas. Partnerships featured include national disaster response teams and international aid organizations."

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What HelpyFinder users say

Real Stories of Safety and Support with HelpyFinder

"While hiking in Bengaluru, I got lost with no one around. I used NearBy search and within minutes, local volunteers and rescue services found me. Truly a lifesaver in wilderness emergencies!"

Rajesh, Bengaluru

"After a fall at home in Mumbai, I couldn't move. Panic set in, but thanks to NearBy search, emergency responders were alerted and help arrived in no time. Can't imagine what I would've done without it."

Sunita Desai

"My car broke down on a lonely road near Delhi. Stranded and unsure, I used NearBy search. Instantly, it connected me to nearby services who came to my rescue. This tool turned a nightmare into a minor inconvenience."

Amit Singh

"Suffering a severe allergic reaction in Kolkata, I was desperate for quick medical attention. NearBy search swiftly guided me to the nearest emergency healthcare. It was crucial in managing my condition timely."

Priya Banerjee

"During the Chennai floods, our neighborhood was cut off. I used NearBy search to coordinate with others and organize a community rescue operation. It was instrumental in managing our collective safety during the crisis."

Anjali Rao

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Frequently Asked Questions

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a verification process to ensure user authenticity. It's required to maintain trust and safety within the community. Through the KYC verification process, users are authenticated, and verified users receive a blue check mark to enhance trustworthiness.

Yes, you can customize your settings to control who receives your alerts, focusing on verified users and specific types of helpers.

No, HelpyFinder is not an alternative to official emergency services. It's a supplementary tool to connect those in need with potential helpers.

Elderly users can quickly alert family, neighbors, or emergency services during health crises or other emergencies, with simple, user-friendly features tailored to their needs.

Your location is only shared when you send an alert, with strict privacy measures in place to protect your information.

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