Let's Save Lives NearBy


Ready to save a life? It could be you or anyone – let’s
Help each other and make the world better!

Discovering different locations, heading home lonely, and encountering anyone you don’t recognize are all risks that people, especially women should be aware of. We all have smartphones in 2022, and they can be our first line of protection.

You can have comfort and security in case of emergencies by choosing trustworthy people and allowing them to see where you are.

We work on the same principle. We act as a link between you and others. We notify others that you are in danger and need help. 

NearBy Help Request


Every second is important in case of an Emergency – Let’s help save someone’s life.
You could be a reason to get the person to the hospital while the ambulance is still struggling with traffic.


Frequently Asked Questions


HelpyFinder™ sends a notification to all the HelpyFinder™ people around you with your live location.

Yes, you can help anyone in their live location.

Yes, it is beneficial for all.

During an emergency you can tap on NearBy Help and the search will begin in 10 seconds. If someone Accept your help request a route will be drawn between both the helper and provider.

‘NearBy Help’ enables the feature by which you can seek help from people around you.

You can easily tap on NearBy Help from your smartphone. It will notify all the nearest available people in their real-time location .

If you tap the NearBy Help, all the users near to you will be notified.

You have to tap on NearBy Help, and it will send the notification to all the verified users in 10 seconds.

Yes, under emergency circumstances they can use this app effectively.