Frequently Asked Questions

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a verification process to ensure user authenticity. It's required to maintain trust and safety within the community. Through the KYC verification process, users are authenticated, and verified users receive a blue check mark to enhance trustworthiness.

Yes, you can customize your settings to control who receives your alerts, focusing on verified users and specific types of helpers.

No, HelpyFinder is not an alternative to official emergency services. It's a supplementary tool to connect those in need with potential helpers.

Elderly users can quickly alert family, neighbors, or emergency services during health crises or other emergencies, with simple, user-friendly features tailored to their needs.

Your location is only shared when you send an alert, with strict privacy measures in place to protect your information.

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    HelpyFinder is a mobile app designed to enhance community safety by offering features like instant emergency alerts, real-time location sharing, and connections to local help.

    By pressing a button within the app, you can immediately send an alert to nearby volunteers and emergency services, along with your location.

    Yes, the core features of HelpyFinder are free for all users, with optional premium services available for a fee.

    HelpyFinder requires an internet connection to send alerts and share location information.

    You can sign up as a volunteer through the app, subject to a verification process to ensure safety and trustworthiness.

    HelpyFinder is designed to assist with a wide range of emergencies, from medical crises to safety threats and missing persons alerts.

    HelpyFinder uses encryption and follows strict data protection regulations to ensure your information is secure and private.

    Yes, you can customize your emergency contact list within the app to control who receives your alerts.

    HelpyFinder is designed for global use, with multilingual support to cater to users worldwide.

    You can update your emergency contact information directly in the app settings at any time.

    If you accidentally send an alert, you can quickly cancel it within the app to notify your contacts and any responders that it was a mistake.

    HelpyFinder only accesses your location when you send an alert or use specific features that require location sharing.

    You can report problems or provide feedback through the app’s support section or contact customer service directly.

    While there’s no specific age restriction, minors should have parental consent and supervision when using the app.

    Yes, HelpyFinder also facilitates connections for non-emergency assistance, like community support and local services.

    The location sharing feature’s accuracy depends on your device’s GPS capabilities and current connectivity.

    Response times vary based on local emergency service protocols and the availability of community volunteers.

    Yes, you can use HelpyFinder to alert responders about emergencies affecting others.

    If you don’t receive a timely response, you should attempt to contact emergency services directly through traditional means.

    HelpyFinder regularly updates the app to improve features, enhance security, and introduce new services based on user feedback.