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In more ways than one, women are victims of drinking and drug misuse. They are the desolate mothers and wives of dependent children. They have co-dependency issues, are addicts, and have been sexually exploited.

A large number of women with addiction issues have been subjected to violent victimization at some point in their lives, whether in the past or today. If you’ve been the target of interpersonal violence, drugs and booze are a convenient method to hide the pain and forget about it.

Self-esteem and social issues frequently play a key role in the lives of women who struggle with addiction. Women seek out unhealthy, traumatic relationships in order to alleviate their emotions of insecurity and self-doubt, which exacerbate their addiction issues.

Women learn to recognize who they are or what they need out of life via regular counseling. HelpyFinder also provides ladies struggling with addiction and dysfunctional relationships with extremely critical and confidential one-on-one counseling and therapy.

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