This post on the emergency app for safety is geared toward women. As we all know that the safety of women is always a priority. The safety of women is a widespread problem in India and other countries. Women have always created a history. But do we really think, that she is receiving that respect and privilege in society? Unfortunately, women’s safety is in question, and protection is unconcerned. Many stories about sexual abuse and crimes against women continue to appear, indicating that such incidents are becoming more common in today’s society. Around 80% of women are losing faith and are fearful of achieving freedom.

As a result, we are attempting to make a small contribution to women’s safety and dignity in order for them to enjoy equality as males. So, the applications that increase your safety level in an emergency are on their way to you with the touch of a button. This smartphone application is really beneficial to anyone. The app HelpyFinder is rapidly approaching.

We have included some of the finest personal safety Android and iOS applications for women in this piece.

Let’s jump into and know about the top emergency app for safety available:

Woman Safety Shield App:

This software allows the user to capture photos as proof and send them to an emergency contact number along with their current location. Additionally, there is a ‘Walk with me’ feature. The capability allows your chosen contacts to track your whereabouts and provides a list of nearby hospitals and police stations.

Secure her App:

This is another wonderful app if you study or work outside of your city. When the user double-taps the app icon, a distress call is sent to the designated contacts.

Sentinel Personal Security:

This app promotes itself as the fastest SoS app on the market. This app’s unique feature is that it allows you to contact your contact numbers by SMS without using the internet or network, which is a highly useful function that can mean the difference between life and death in a life and death scenario.

Watch Over Me:

Your contacts can follow you on your adventure using this app. You can program the app to follow your GPS and then call from your location to notify your contacts that you arrived safely. In an emergency, simply shake the phone or activate the emergency alarm, and the camera begins recording. The app can also send emergency alerts to your contact numbers. The app’s most distinctive feature is that it alerts the user if she is about to approach a high-crime area.


It is a multifunctional program that allows you to communicate with family and friends. You can draw circles, add people to them, and track their whereabouts using a private map. You may quickly share your location with the circle and issue an alarm. This program also allows you to communicate with the people in your group.

Nirbhaya app:

In an incident, you may also use this app to make SMS notifications and phone conversations with your contacts. It may also broadcast your precise GPS coordinates to pre-selected recipients, with GPS coordinates updated every 300 meters. Other security features of the app include Geo Shake, Shake to Alert, and the ability to send a distress call using the power button.

Circle of 6:

This software allows you to choose the six contacts you trust the most. Users can notify their contacts by tapping on the built-in notification. Users can also use the app to contact the relevant people.

bSafe :

The bSafe app assures women’s safety and security.

It allows contacts to track you using a live GPS trace and also sets a timer that goes off if you haven’t ‘checked in.’

Furthermore, it will make your phone ring with a false call and will notify emergency contacts of the position, video, and even siren.

VithU app

When you’re in danger, the last thing you want to do is dial a phone number to contact someone. This program allows you to bypass the calling process and just send the SoS alert to the contacts by pressing the button twice. The alerts, together with the GPS location, are sent every two minutes.

Sentinel Personal Security:

This app promotes itself as the fastest SoS app on the market. This app’s unique feature is that it allows you to contact your contact numbers by SMS without using the internet or network, which is a highly useful function that can mean the difference between life and death in a life and death scenario.

Red Panic Button:

If you are in danger in an unfamiliar location, this app can assist you. You can use this software to send an automatic panic email to your loved ones to ask for assistance. Simply hit the Red Panic Button to summon assistance. You must pre-configure the panic number since the software will send an SMS including a Google Maps link with your location to this number. It is accessible on both the iOS and Android app stores and includes certain paid features.

Smart 24×7:

It is a one-of-a-kind safety software that not only connects a person in distress with loved ones but also gives rapid aid through a 24-hour functioning customer center.

Smart 24X7 Response Services’ app Private limited views on public security, particularly women’s protection. The personal safety app is beneficial to people of all ages. One can send alarm messages to relatives and friends, as well as contact nearby fire, police, and ambulance services.

HelpyFinder App:

A basic, user-friendly tool designed to assist women in distress. Simply download the HelpyFinder app to get started. Sign in and create a profile.

The HelpyFinder emergency app for safety is a one-stop solution for increasing awareness.

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Download the app to access the greatest safety services available.

The World’s First Innovative Emergency App For Safety Is Now Available For Your NearBy Help, Amber Alert and NGOs.

No Matter, Wherever You Travel, we Tend to Travel.

Who is advantaged by the HelpyFinder Emergency App For Safety on one tap?

Below are the markers of HelpyFinder Emergency App For Safety:

Unique Safety:

Whether you’re in a new section of town or need to cross the street late at night, there are lots of unsafe circumstances to be aware of. Keep your HelpyFinder app nearby and use the widget to send a message to your loved ones so they can locate you and assure your safety. The HelpyFinder is a simple and effective solution for those who are victims of domestic abuse and violence, allowing their contacts, other close relatives, or friends to take appropriate safety precautions.

Emergencies in Medicine:

You might be alone one day and become terribly unwell, unable to phone an ambulance or get to the nearest hospital. Another health emergency can be tackle. In the event of an accident, internal hemorrhage, cardiac arrest, or another health emergency health emergency, the app can save your life. Simply tap HelpyFinder to notify your family or friends of your location and that you require immediate medical attention.

The Safety of Your Loved Ones:

Children get lost or distracted, and only parents understand how it feels to not know where their child is, why he is late, or why he missed school. However, skipping a class is hardly the worst thing that can happen to a youngster, and the HelpyFinder can save him from a plethora of problems such as mishaps, unsuitable groups to make out with, and so on. Parents of teenage girls will definitely appreciate the app since it alerted them instantly if their daughters needed assistance when out with friends.

Protection for the Elderly and Disabled

People with disabilities in the elderly have mobility issues and have difficulty reaching their destinations safely. Because of advanced technologies, their phones can now be raised not only with text-to-tap and track navigation but also with the HelpyFinder— a tool that provides them with freedom and security. The HelpyFinder app allows the elderly and disabled to travel freely while combating emotions of vulnerability in urban areas.

In Conclusion:

You have the ability to save someone’s life.

Save and connect with your family and friends whenever and wherever you choose. During an emergency, it alerts your surroundings and serves as a safety device. Reaction, preparation, and quick action can all help to safeguard your loved ones.

Download the app now!

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