Millions of children are reported missing, annually. Every day, children go missing in each part of the planet. Some are abducted from their homes, some are neglected, and yet others are fleeing a dangerous environment. Raise an amber alert service on one tap!

Every missing child leads to a variety of different types of harm, including assault, trafficking, and even mortality. HelpyFinder Amber Alert believes that every missing child deserves to be seen, found, and returned to their family.

We got a taste of what it’s like to be physically, mentally, and emotionally separated as a result of the pandemic. This has increased our commitment to protecting children by forging new bonds with caretakers and law enforcement officers who keep kids safe while also providing creative help.

Help in reuniting lost children with their families with HelpyFinder Amber Alert notification

You can bring missing children back home with HelpyFinder and can stop a big crime. An Amber Alert or child abduction emergency alert can avoid many mishaps. The alert will be broadcast on your smartphone using the HelpyFinder emergency warning alert system. An alert sent will be notified to your NearBy. An alert will trigger, through this early warning system. It has a powerful and modern alarm notification feature.
Firstly, an Amber Alert platform is very important for the safety of children.

Secondly, the primary goal of the warning is to quickly mobilize the community to help in the search for and safe return of a missing kid. You will see a warning alert on your smartphones.

Amber Alerts: Making a difference

HelpyFinder lets you be the guardian of others, you can now receive the SOS alarms from your loved ones when they are in trouble. This app will alert you by giving a notification.

Tracking and visibility:

You can track in a real-time location. An Amber Alert or a child abduction emergency is an alert message. Our app distributes it to all Nearby, and ask for immediate help in searching for an abducted child.

Therefore, one can upload a photo and details of a missing child on a smartphone in a single click and circulate that to Nearby people or all emergency contacts saved. Moreover, tracking and visibility will become more clear and understandable.

Global Access:

Moreover, the HelpyFinder brings together collaborative emergency communication, management, and response by connecting everyone in a community to first responders and allowing first responders to communicate with each other, all on a single platform. In cases where you believe your safety is in jeopardy, these emergency apps allow you to rapidly send an SOS and warn your contacts.

Amber Alert is an app that gives all the necessary information to the people, which helps them stay safe and stay alive anywhere in this world.


Don’t worry, you need not carry your desktops or laptops. A small smartphone will work efficiently. Your one tap will make it run effectively and you will be ready to help. We all know that helping others during an emergency is a blessing. You should never hunt for an excuse to lend a hand. Connect HelpyFinder and look into the new crimeless world. Your help can make a big difference.

Easy to operate:

Moreover, nowadays using smartphones is like everybody’s cup of tea. From a child to old age, all can use smartphones constructively. It is no longer rocket science for anyone. Installing HelpyFinder application in an effortless and uncomplicated process.
Even a child can operate this app during all types of emergencies.

Also, let us have a look at the missing children statistics:

Above all, every year, roughly 4,600 children are taken by outsiders, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
For instance, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, around 460,000 children reported missing in the United States each year.
A child goes missing every 90 seconds.
According to statistics, 9 percent of child abductions are adapted by family members as a result of a custody battle.
Every year, approximately 203,900 children are abducted.
Every eight minutes, one child in India mysteriously disappears.

Looking to the Future

Every year, a large number of youngsters go missing around the world and every second is important when the child is missing. Let us all fight against this and make the country trouble-free.

Above all, with HelpyFinder active alert , you can send the warning notification. One can circulate the photo and details of the missing person to the number of people in just one tap. Raise awareness among everyone and keep your nation alert.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it’s difficult to estimate the number of children that go missing each year on a global scale. Year after year, the number of youngsters who have gone missing increases. This is something that parents who want to protect their children should keep in mind. They must be especially cautious about their children’s activities and the persons with whom they interact. Unpleasant characters can now more easily charm and charm their victims through online experiences than ever before.
Therefore, let’s hope that this excellent trend continues. We can bring them home if we work together.
Finally, Join hands with HelpyFinder. Your right decision at the right time can reduce major crimes.