One tap and get the nearest ambulance service wherever you are!


How can we justify the title? One tap and get the nearest ambulance service wherever you are!  Ambulance helps individuals that need immediate medical attention and assists them in getting to the hospital on time. Emergency services, both private and public, are available around the globe.  Today, an ambulance serves as an essential service for […]

A Guide to the Upcoming Safety App Season 2022

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Do you feel unsafe? Don’t be alarmed! Raising alerts with confidence. Feel secure. Have faith in yourself! We created a safety app to help you feel secure. We all are smartphone users who are familiar with the iOS and Android operating systems. Can such operating systems become virtual protectors if they allow users to hail a cab […]

Here is what you must do to get the Nearest Ambulance Service Help in one tap!


Road traffic collisions claim the lives of over 1.3 million people each year. Road accidents result in the loss of gross domestic products around the globe. Saving time during any emergency is very crucial. No doubt it can save a life. Time is very critical when it is a subject of life and death. Ambulance […]