How to protect your family from an emergency?


Are you wondering how to protect your family in difficult times? To ease your troubles, here we have introduced an innovative app for your smartphone. We work as a bridge between you and your family during an emergency.  We go through various emergencies every day, and handling these emergencies is very important. Your family’s safety […]

Why Emergency Help Is Important?

Near By Help

Are you prepared for any emergency and emergency help? Why wait till there’s an urgency to operate? You can however develop an emergency action plan. You’ll know the path to take to mitigate exposure for you and others if you have a strategy in place. However, an emergency might happen at any moment and in […]

Nearest Emergency Help: Revolutionary app to keep you safe

HelpyFinder in a Nutshell HelpyFinder keep you and your loved ones safe and in reach. It is a simple and friendly user mobile app which you can download for free on iOS and Android devices. In case, if you are in trouble you can immediately send a notification to the nearest emergency help, irrespective of knowing the person or not. […]