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Amber Alert
We at Sezlon are excited to develop new solutions that will improve the world’s connectivity. We are constantly looking for new ways to contribute to society.
Have you missed anything important? Describe and locate the missing items at your location.
Raise an Amber Alert in one tap if you have lost something. Upload the images and notify the entire city with a single tap. Your right decision at the right time can reduce major crimes.


On HelpyFinder, update the information. It’s the app that alerts everyone in the surrounding area and can help you track down your stolen items. With just one swipe, you may send the notification.
When we redesigned our pricing page, one of the lessons we learned was to make things as straightforward and predictable as possible.
The pricing plans are organized in different columns.
You have to pay a very nominal amount of ₹29 and make the best use of this Amber Alert app.