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In India, more than six out of ten elderly couples are pushed to leave their houses by their children. With nowhere else to turn and little hope, the elderly are forced to enter old age facilities.
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An elderly parent residing in an old age home is a very common occurrence. Is it, however, attractive? Most elderly individuals cannot bear the thought of staying in nursing facilities. We, their children, want them to live happily, peacefully, and ideally in their own houses, where they have always resided. However, this is the digital age. Aged parents are frequently left alone while their children live and work abroad. So the next natural step is to place an elderly father or mother in a nursing facility. While there is nothing profoundly wrong with remaining in an assisted living facility, it does offend feelings.

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Yes, it helps you in finding old age home.

Yes, it helps you in finding the registerd and verified old age home.