“Those who prepared for all the emergencies of life beforehand may equip themselves at the expense of joy”.

– E.M.Forster

We are always aware of the danger because you could be confronted with an unexpected or emergency situation at any time. ‘Emergencies’ have historically been used as a pretext for eroding individual liberty protections.

What comes first to your mind when you are in trouble? The best support!

Despite who is standing NearBy you to help, without knowing you accept it. This is a magical and unique feature of the HelpyFinder app. Emergencies always bring worries and stress. So make life lively with our NearBy Help feature.

This app will make your life easier. HelpyFinder will help you and will always be there for you, no matter where you are going.

It is a complete family protection app which you can carry with you everywhere. In this blog, you will know about what is HelpyFinder app is and one of its special features NearBy Help.

Before we discuss NearBy Help features let us know what is HelpyFinder?

What is HelpyFinder?

It is an online service app that resolves your problem quickly and smartly during any disaster. It can help anyone, anytime and anywhere during emergencies despite the fact you know the person or not.

NearBy Help’s Spotlight

Let us deep dive into the distinctive features of HelpyFinder NearBy Help.

Does walking alone make you feel dangerous?

What plan do you have for getting home after dark? Is it dangerous? Is it better to talk on the phone or not talk on the phone?

A person could easily be the source of a woman’s dread simply because he is a person. We have painted the image in our society that females should be cautious while walking alone at night and should always be attentive with a weapon in hand. Violence has a variety of effects on women.

We aim to express the fact that dear ladies you are in safe hands with one click from your smartphone.

Our HelpyFinder NearBy Help has such a unique feature that with your one signal it will send a notification to the Nearby person for help in real-time despite the fact you know him or not.

If you need help during an accident

Weak execution, dual carriageway traffic, the developing congestion on roads, and private troubles play a chief position with inside the disposition of street injuries.

Nowadays, street injuries are very common – it’s a dreadful truth. However the more dreadful is the insensitive mindset of humans. When humans see a street victim, they simply stroll away without assisting him, which might also additionally bring about a lack of valuable life.

It simply displays the irresponsible mindset of the citizens. Be the first responsible individual to such disasters with our one-step unique HelpyFinder NearBy Help factor. Let’s assist them to exhibit the closest presence.
Your help can bring a massive change. HelpyFinder will inform all its close by users. Just one contact on NearBy and you may send an assist request right away to all.

Save life Nearby with NearBy Help

Our lifestyles have been a chain of emergencies.
The HelpyFinder mission is to expand strategies that permit us to offer emergency services apps. Lifestyles-saving techniques to any injured sufferers in extreme, far-flung surroundings without the presence of a physician.

Knowing what to do permits you and your family to live more secure and more healthy while catastrophe strikes. Nobody loves to reflect on the screw-ups affecting our communities.

But whether or not it’s a coronary heart attack, human trafficking, meals hunger, any offense, disability, or different screw-ups, considering its miles precisely what we want to do. Preparation makes all of the difference; it can keep lives and the HelpyFinder NearBy Help feature is already prepared to assist you, it doesn’t matter wherever you travel!

If an explosion or hearthplace has occurred

Even the simplest factor can bring upward push to deadly injuries. Fire injuries are something very unusual these days. They arise because of numerous factors like mishandling, defective connections, overheating, quick circuiting leakage, etc.

Someone’s presence during such disasters gives a big relief. So, dear reader, you are only one step behind.

Download HelpyFinder app and utilize that smart step that can bring someone near to you during such a catastrophe to help you out. Be geared up to assist someone, it could be you too.

Is your child/old parent alone at home

Fear in standard drives humans to be alert of the risks surrounding. Nowadays each dad and mom are working and that they depart their youngsters and old dad and mom alone.

With a simple tap, children and parents can simply avoid big disasters together. Disasters may be scary, however, being equipped is one way to be much less afraid!

It is our responsibility to teach children and old parents to make the best use of HelpyFinder app to get NearBy Help with a blink of an eye.
HelpyFinder notifies the close-by humans around them for instant help and also on-call monitoring is simple with HelpyFinder NearBy Help is rich in features you need during emergencies.

Food donation can bring bliss

About 795 million humans globally face starvation, in step with the World Food Program – one in 9 humans on earth. And starvation is aware of no borders, with critical demanding situations in high- and low-earnings countries alike.

In India, one in six human beings are hungry; withinside the United States; it’s approximately one in eight, which includes one in six children. One demands food to live. Donating to the needy now no longer simply blesses the recipient, it additionally blesses the donor.

There are sufficient meals – however, lots of them are going unused. Most of that finally ends up in landfills. Food banking is a demonstrated solution HelpyFinder goals go beyond food. Just with one click from your smartphone, you can contact any food donation agency or association to donate the undesired food.

High Sense of Security:

Your precautionary measures will always be protected if you use a mobile app. You can be confident that your data will never be stolen, destroyed, or destroyed because it is stored on immensely secure servers with built-in backup. You are safe with HelpyFinder everywhere.

Key Takeaways

Every second is vital in case of an emergency. Get in touch with HelpyFinder app. With so many features the question isn’t if but “when”. In short, the opportunities in the HelpyFinder app are endless. Develop the turnkey solution and convert someone’s sadness into happiness.

It is the right time for you to step into the game and discover the top-notch features of the HelpyFinder app and be a part of our family.

Prepare yourself!

The meaning of the HelpyFinder Emergency App is that a seeker must prepare himself by inquiring and planning how to react in the event of a coincidence or the plight so that he is not caught by surprise.

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