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Prepare For The Unpredictable! Emergency can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere - Let another nearest HelpyFinder™ user help you, or you can help and be a Savior.

A Tap to get Emergency Help

Emergencies are uncertain and undecided! Develop a comprehensive solution to transform someone's sorrow into joy.

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NearBy Help in an emergency is a wonder. Ask for assistance from the people.

When the emergency vehicles are stuck in traffic, let the people around you become a savior.

  • Your Help request will be shared to all the nearby HelpyFinder™ in real time.
  • Our AI tool will find its nearest user and draw a map with the estimated time of arrival.
  • The user would be able to "Accept" or "Decline" the request.
  • We are serious about privacy, Only 'Verified' users can see the requester's details.

Every second is important when the child is missing...Be a ray of sunshine in someone's life

Circulate the photo and details of the missing person or stolen object to the number of people-just in a one tap

  • According to UNICEF, 25 million adults and children are victims of forced labour.
  • Every year, an estimated 8 million children go missing around the world.
  • There were 5.9 adult victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 adults in the world and 4.4 child victims for every 1,000 children in the world
  • About 10% of the human trafficking in India are International and the other 90% happens within India

Be ready to protect your family in an emergency! Your Family's Lifeguard

A revolutionary platform for providing emergency support to your family members, including elderly parents, children, and loved ones.

  • Add all your emergency numbers
  • With one tap, send the "Help Request" to all Emergency Contacts, with your real-time location.
  • Send immediate help requests to the nearest available Police, Doctor, and Ambulance
  • You can request a real-time location of your Emergency Contacts saved

Different Problems, One Solution. Click for all household service emergencies the right way and help the community

HelpyFinder™ is the one-stop solution to find the nearest household service Emergency Solution from your real-time location

  • Tap the nearest NGOs to donate food, books, and many more in a minute
  • Are you ready to give life to someone by donating blood? You are a donor or receiver, doesn’t matter, just tap and help
  • Just don’t walk away, when you see a road victim, instead tap HelpyFinder™ and save someone's precious life.
  • Your data is in secure hands. We understand the nature and sensitivity of location tracking. Strong measures have been taken to ensure that your personal information is safe with us. We do not share your data with any third party

Prepare for Emergencies before it’s too late!

Let's ask help from people around for a quick turnaround - irrespective of you know them or not

Get the help you need at each turning point during all emergencies from the people nearby!

Don't worry, HelpyFinder™ will be right there with you in all crisis. Your true travel companion all around the world. Connect now!

Missing or Lost Something?

Finding something missing or stolen may take time - Let HelpyFinder™ notify all the people around you to help in the search. Our AI will notify your messages across your city in almost no time.

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Get ready to defeat the delay

Get started with the HelpyFinder™ application and get quick help to reach the next door much before any Emergency Help- you are waiting for.