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It’s vital to fight starvation on the front lines of disasters, but we also want long-term answers. That is why we collaborate with governments all over the world to ensure that the world’s poorest individuals have access to the food they require to live and succeed.
Our initiatives go beyond standard aid methods to find new ways to combat hunger. We’re increasingly sending money directly to needy families because they surely know how to put an end to their poverty for sure.
When people make their own food decisions, they are also buying locally, which helps their region.

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Learn about the nearest food donation center.
A battle against hunger!


Throughout history, world hunger has been a persistent issue. Despite the fact that this is a problem that should be readily handled. There are currently 1.02 billion people globally who are undernourished.
Is it possible to imagine a future without hunger?
What we get is how we make a living. What we contribute defines our lives.
We’re in desperate need of donations.
Are you willing to donate food? Do you want to get the rewards of giving?

Food donation's progress in terms of waste prevention


Every year, around 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted, while approximately 800 million individuals lack access to adequate and healthy food (Global FoodBanking Network, 2014b).
This proportion roughly corresponds to one-third of all food produced for human consumption. All across the distribution chain, from original crop yields to ultimate family usage, foodstuff can be wasted globally.
Because of the enormous amounts supplied to clients, restaurants and stores are also participants in wasted food. Because not all of the meal is consumed, the remainder will be thrown away.

The very first step is to donate food to a local food bank!


We’ve already established partnerships with a few NGOs and groups to improve people’s lives. Get started now!
In the event of your birthday or wedding, you can even have your mates send meals through HelpyFinder!! They can provide meals for you and assist humanity by doing it online.

A crucial component in the fight against hunger


Connect the top NGOs nearby on one tap with us. We are always available at your service. Download the app on your smartphone and get in touch with us.
Take a moment to assist those who are in need.
You may assist a child and family stop HUNGER.
Donate today to ensure that life-saving food reaches the children and families who need it most.
Every donation has an impact.
Donating food to hungry people ensures that nothing goes to waste.
By collecting undamaged, healthy meals and giving them to our neighbors in need, we can be leaders in our communities. By giving food, we are feeding the world rather than trash, promoting community economies, and preventing the waste of all the resources used to produce that food.
Anybody can donate food.

Donation of food has many benefits, initiate food donation, to reduce hunger in the world


Come join us at and let’s work together to eradicate hunger from society.
You can give contributions in honor of your Grandparents, Parents, or Loved Ones to make your special occasion even more memorable!
Kindness has been shown to boost energy levels, which help to relieve pressure and anxiety by generating feelings of relaxation, peace, thankfulness, and contentment.
Are you enjoying anything special and would like to express your happiness with HelpyFinder beneficiaries – the Needy Children, Senior Citizens, Specially Abled, or any other cause near and dear to your heart?

For a worthy purpose, food is distributed.

Stay connected and stay safe with us!
Donate food wherever you want. Reach the nearest food donation center now!

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can donate your extra or unused cooked meal on a daily basis.

Tap Help and click on NGO. Select Food and submit. the search will begin in 10 seconds.

Yes, it is beneficial for food courts to donate the unused food to needy.

Yes, you can search the nearest NGO for food donation.