Frequently Asked Questions

Your Parents are just one tap away to get any kind of emergency help, they just have to tap and notify.

HelpyFinder™ helps you to notify your Family Help contacts, NearBy Police, doctors, ambulance as well as car maintenance services with your live location.

Yes, you can get car maintenance services instantly, by your nearest garage after sending a Help Request.

Your NearBy Car Mechanic or NearBy people will come to attend to you or offer help, after acceptance of Help Request.

No, you will get the best possible help from your nearest garage in case of breakdown.

HelpyFinder™ will notify people across the city in no time so that the risk of loss can be lessened.

Yes, the info of the missing person will be shared with the Nearest/Local Police.

By using HelpyFinder™, you can reduce the risk of any mishap with the help of NearBy people.

The services of HelpyFinder™ are available 24*7, you can send Help Requests anytime and anywhere.

Nearest Oxygen suppliers, Hospital Beds, Ambulance services, Vaccination centers, etc, are the Covid-19 resources available on HelpyFinder™.