Let’s Save

That feeling would be awesome if you are the reason for someone’s being happy – there is nothing more valuable than saving a life. It will assist you in calling the right individuals at the right point.

Incredible Features


Difficulties give rise to opportunities! Being prepared can help
You cope with the fear, worry, and the losses that come with a calamity.


Technology has shown to be highly effective in supporting and bridging the distance between doctors and their patients. Over time, a doctor's relationship with a patient has transformed. Tap HelpyFinder™ and connect to your nearest Doctor before any delay.


Save and Connect your family and friends anytime and anywhere. You can add personal emergency numbers to this app. HelpyFinder's™ spectacular 'Family Help' support can minimize the consequences of an emergency in one tap.


The emergency preparedness should be consistent from start to finish. When a disaster strikes, the first goal is to keep everyone safe. Catch the nearest Police in a few clicks. Our unique AI feature will help you to locate and connect to the nearest Police Station.


We aim to enunciate the approach that HelpyFinder™ is an innovative app. It notifies your surrounding during an emergency and works as a safety device. It alerts you if someone has been critically harmed or needs medical attention along with immediate help search.


Call an ambulance in real-time location in a single tap. Our AI tool will locate the nearest possible ambulance and draw a map with the expected arrival time.


Raise the Alarm! And let everyone know what you've missed or lost. We notify all nearby and help you in finding. Our unique AI feature will identify all nearby devices and alert them for real time situation.



Revolutionize the way! Tap HelpyFinder™ and connect to your near and dear ones by sharing your live location. You have the option to connect Family Help and NearBy Help with one click.


You and your child will be happy with home-alone days in no time if you practice and prepare properly. Annually, almost 460,000 children go abducted.
Girls between the ages of 12 and 17 are the most common abductees. Females account for 99 percent of sexual assault victims.


Response readiness and quick action can help you protect your loved ones. Tap NearBy Help and connect your nearest help. HelpyFinder™ notifies the NearBy people around them for immediate assistance. HelpyFinder™ sends a notification to all the HelpyFinder™ people around you with your live location.


Family Help is a functionality that allows users to send Help requests and notify everyone on your emergency list of contacts of your current location with a single tap. You may easily add emergency numbers to your phonebook. It could also include members of your family, associates, or relations.


HelpyFinder™ provides a platform for people to help one another. They can act as a help requester and the Help Provider in their real-time location. It allows people to connect digitally. They can connect NearBy Help and Family Help to avoid mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can Send/Accept Help requests to your Nearby people as well as your family with a single click.

HelpyFinder™ enables the feature where people can approach their Nearby people digitally so that we can prevent any mishappening together.

You can add emergency contacts through your contact list or phonebook simply. It may have your family members, friends, or relatives as well.

You can get Nearest Doctor, Ambulance, Hospital list, Oxygen Cylinder, etc in Medical assistance.

Your parents are just one tap away to get any kind of emergency help, they just have to tap and notify.

The services of HelpyFinder™ are available 24*7, you can send help requests anytime and anywhere.

People act as help requesters as well as help providers both and help each other in case of any emergency.

An emergency is a situation that occurs for various causes, and needs immediate action to reduce the risk of death and casualties.

HelpyFinder™ enables a platform where people can help each other. They can act as a help requester as well as help provider both  in their real-time location.

Whenever you need any emergency, Medical Emergency, Fire Emergency, or feel distressed and unsafe.

No, your live location will be shared with the Emergency Help request automatically.

You can find all the nearest Doctors in your area on HelpyFinder™.

Yes, HelpyFinder™ made it possible to send a help request to Police, Doctors, and Ambulance on one tap!