Request Ambulance Service With Just One Tap


Tap HelpyFinder™ to notify your Family, Police and Ambulance altogether – Let the people near you, feel the urgency and reach out within the time.

Ambulances are outfitted with cutting-edge life-saving technology. It ensures that the highest quality standards are met.

Use HelpyFinder to find assistance and notify the nearest equipped ambulance. Regardless of where you live.

Learn how HelpyFinder can assist you in creating your own emergency app. Contact us immediately in a few simple actions to obtain the best emergency app.

The purpose of an ambulance service is to transport sick or injured people safely from one location to another.

The ambulances also include numerously qualified and specialized medical professionals, medical devices, and monitoring systems to ensure the best possible treatment for the patients that board the trip.

Role of an ambulance service during emergency


Nobody has been exempt from the pandemic’s consequences. Regardless, the reality is harsh. Emergency medical personnel have become increasingly susceptible to illness as a result of the pandemic’s catastrophic state.

Ambulances have become an essential part of life since they connect patients with medical services. Ambulance services are designed to transfer those who require immediate medical attention, ensuring that the illness is properly treated, or providing for the patient’s rapid removal to the next level of care.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, an ambulance service is available is on this app.

Yes, they are verified and registered.

Yes, it is available everywhere.

You can get Nearest Doctor, Ambulance, Hospital list, Oxygen Cylinder, etc in Medical assistance.

Tap on Help and click on ambulance, the search will begin and you can select the nearest one.

Steps to Register Professional Profile on HelpyFinder™:
Step 1: Go to Profile.
Step 2: Tap Professional Profile.
Step 3: Select your helping division, radius, hours and days.
Step 4: Tap on update Professional Profile.

HelpyFinder™ helps you to notify your Family Help contacts, NearBy Police, doctors, ambulance  services with your live location.