Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, An ambulance service is available is on this app.

Tap on Help and click on ambulance, the search will begin and you can select the nearest one.

Yes, they are verified and registered.

Steps to Register Professional Profile on HelpyFinder™: Step 1: Go to Profile
Step 2:Tap Professional Profile
Step 3: Select your helping division, radius, hours and days.
Step 4: Tap on Update Helper Profile.

Yes, it is available everywhere.

HelpyFinder™ helps you to notify your Family Help contacts, NearBy Police, doctors, ambulance as well as car maintenance services with your live location.

You can get Nearest Doctor, Ambulance, Hospital list, Oxygen Cylinder, etc in Medical assistance.

Doctors, Hospitals, Ambulance, Oxygen suppliers, etc are the Medical assistance services provided on HelpyFinder™.