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of kidnapped children are at risk of being killed if not found within 3 hours


of average child missing cases occurred every year


of girls are victims of sexual assault in the juvenile category.


of kidnapping cases are done by family members


is average known data of lost and stolen item per year, while lots of them not registered yet.


of cognizable crimes were registered 2017-2018 only as per National Crime Bureau


of people impacted by flood lose their life due to delay in notification - World Meteorological Organization.


of impacted people lose their life due to unawareness of Disaster timely

Missing Child

As Per FBI report, 365,348 cases of Missing child were registered 2020 only. In 2019, the registered cases were 421,394. We can minimize the risk by notifying in time

Human Trafficking

As per UNICEF 25 Million adults are victim of Modern slavery, 71% of them are Women and Girls. 79% of human trafficking experience sexual exploitation, according to UNODC. By notifying the neighborhood, we can potentially prevent.

Missing Child

90% of missing children cases happened because of children misinterpret the direction, in case if this unfortunate incident, let's search together. Let’s contribute by notifying everyone

Sexual assault

As Per NBRC, approximately 400,000 cases of sexual assault have been reported in 2019. ~88 rape cases happen per day, many of them haven't registered yet. We can reduce the risk by helping each other in real time - let's make Digital Noise.

Collectively we can do much more... let's do it...