Missing child

Our goal is to spread the Photo and Message to ALL the CELL PHONES across 100 km radius from location, within 15 minutes…

Every second is important when the child is missing...


Circulate the photo & details of the missing person to the number of people -just one tap!


A child goes missing every 90 seconds. We can reduce the risk by aiding one another in real-time – let’s produce Digital Noise.


Did someone swipe your stuff? Crime is against the law in any country.


What does it feel like to have your lost thing back in one tap?


Disasters can be frightening, but being prepared might help you feel less fearful.

Is your child nowhere to be found?
Get Help Right Now!


If you believe your child has gone missing, take action right away. Raise Amber Alert. Upload the images and notify the entire city with a single tap.

The purpose of an AMBER Alert is to engage the entire population to help in the quest for and successful return of the missing child.

The community has demanded more protection for children as a result of recent and historically documented horrible crimes. The news portrayal of a series of kid victimization, sexual assaults, and fatalities has sparked widespread public outrage about kids’ protection.

Did you miss something valuable?
Describe and find what is missing at your place?


Update the details on HelpyFinder™. It is the app that notifies all Nearby People and can help you find your stolen things. See the powerful integration. Send the notification in one tap. Why wait then?

You never realize how precious something is until you're on the verge of losing it, right?
And discovering it can make you happy!


It’s easy to panic if you’ve lost something. The good thing is it’s possible to recover stolen items. Update the photos of your lost object. HelpyFinder™ app will send an alert and notify all the nearest users in your city.

Knowing what to do in the event of a disaster can keep you and your loved ones safer and healthier.


Disasters are getting more common, and the number of people affected is growing.
Discover top-notch features of the HelpyFinder™ App and know what you can do for yourself and others during catastrophes.
Spread the message in one tap!

Make sure you never miss AMBER ALERT.
Sneak peek the other features!


Picture Amber Alert on the top of your mobile screen and look into what are the other features and
how to make the best use of those in one tap!

Frequently Asked Questions


You can easily click the photo and circulate it across the city, with one tap. It will be shared with all HelpyFinder™ people so that they can track it together.

People can tap and notify their Family members secretly and securely.

You can easily click the photo and circulate it across the city, with one tap, so that we can reduce the risk together.

HelpyFinder™ will notify people across the city in no time so that the risk of loss can be lessened.

By using HelpyFinder™, you can reduce the risk of any mishap with the help of NearBy people.

Amber Alert is the option to find any Missing Person or any stolen item with the help of people around you.

Yes, it works in real-time.

HelpyFinder enables you to send Help Requests to your nearby area, and notify your nearest emergency services such as Nearest Doctors, Ambulance, and Police.

You just have to share your Name, Address, and id (Aadhar, Passport, Pan Card, etc).

You can notify your Family Help contacts, nearby Police, Doctors, Ambulance securely and instantly, with your live location, through HelpyFinder™.

Yes, the info of the missing person will be shared with the Nearest/Local Police.

Yes, you can add your friends and family to HelpyFinder™.

You can notify NearBy Police, Doctors, Ambulance as well as people on one tap, if you see any violence in your area.

Amber Alert is the feature that notifies all nearby people and can help you find your missing person or stolen things.