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All other nearest emergency services

It's for the people, from the people - we are exploring and growing every day to enhance the ability to help.

Let's Save Lives

That feeling would be awesome If you are the reason for someone's being 'alive' - there is nothing more valuable than saving a life.

Let's Save Lives


Earliest help can save a life...


of deaths are caused due to delayed ambulance.


of deaths are the result of miscommunication with the Doctors.


of deaths occurred due to lack of Medical attention as they can’t seek medical help on time.


of blood are donated in developing countries while 81 million units of blood collected globally every year.


of people are undernourished in the world which is 822 million people, about a third of all food for human consumption is lost or wasted.


of hate crime incidents occurred in near residences/homes.


of people’s life negatively impacted due to lack of timely legal advice.


of the world's fatalities on the roads occur in low- and middle-income countries.

Let's help Ambulance to reach within time

Medical Emergency? It's necessary to save TIME. HelpyFinder™ let you notify ALL the nearest registered Ambulance provider on just one tap.

Request Police and Ambulance both on just one Tap

Tap HelpyFinder™ to notify your Family, Police and Ambulance all together - Let the people near you, feel the urgency and reach within the time.

Searching for nearest Doctor?

In a new area and not familiar with the locality? The Child or your loved ones got sick? Need immediate help from Doctor? Let HelpyFinder™ search for the closest one.

Looking for Legal Services next to your door?

We might need or want to have any legal representation in case of any unforeseen incident - want to have quick solution. Let HelpyFinder™ match the closest available to you.

Skilled and timely care can save the lives of women and newborn

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 300,000 women died from pregnancy-related causes in 2015. That’s 830 women every day - Let's help to get them medical help in time.